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Wood powder machine

Wood powder machine

Wood powder machine Description
Wood powder machine mainly dealing with grinding about soft mineral, brittle material, ductile materials, fiber material solid material and clots easily crushed material of about 3 hardness. One-off grounding different fineness of a variety of power, granular, fibrous, yield 100%, no remaining residue. Open water content of raw materials, not equipped with any drying equipment. Applies to: Hardwood powder, bamboo powder, cork powder, PVC plastic, tooth materials, dyes, leather, mica, peanut shell, shell, Google bran, pesticides, charcoal, rigid foam, small tire lines.

Wood powder machine Advantages:
1.Adapting self-suction feeding device to make sure the safety during production.
2.Using double-layer structure, injecting water as the water-cooling device.
3,Quiet and no vibration.


Wood powder machine Parameter

Model Machine main Power(kw) Wind motor (kw) fineness analyzer motor(kw) Machine main body Rotating speed(r/min) Wind motor rotating speed(r/min) Capacity(kg/h) Final product fineness(mesh) Weight(kg)
DTCX500 18.5-22 4 1.2 3200 2900 50-150 30-300 1600
DTCX700 22-30 4 1.2 3200 2900 60-200 30-300 2600
DTCX800 30-37 4 1.2 3200 2900 100-250 30-300 2800
DTCX1000 45-55 5.5 1.2 2900 2900 100-350 30-500 3400